Rediscover the authentic flavour of an ancient breed of our Apennines

Coming from the Cornigliese sheep farms in the Regional Park of the Cedra and Parma Valleys and from other areas of the province of Parma, the tasty meat of this ancient local breed is finally available.

Every first Saturday of the month or for special needs by reservation, Cornigliese sheep and lamb meat coming from the farms of the Regional Park of the Cedra and Parma Valleys and from other areas of the Province is available here.

The Cornigliese sheep has its roots in the history of our lands. Defending biodiversity means rediscovering authentic and cultural flavours an important environmental and cultural heritage.

It has a very large size (males even exceed 100 kg), hornless head in both sexes, long, wide and floppy ears.

The white (sometimes spotted) fleece also covers the belly, the upper part of the limbs and the front of the head. The head and extremities of the limbs are flecked with black.

The meat of the Cornigliese breed is used in several preparations, such as lamb stewed “alla cacciatora” and fried lamb ribs.
The Cornigliese breed was selected in the mid-1700s when the Bourbons – at that time dukes of Parma and Piacenza – ordered sheep from the Parma area to be crossed with Merino breed animals from Spain, in order to obtain fine wool yeldings animals.

At the beginning of the 1900s the breed was crossed with Bergamo rams to make it more suitable for meat production.

Historically it is a triple aptitude breed (milk, meat, wool) even if today meat breeding prevails, due to the compact muscle masses with little fat. It can live up to ten years, so it is long-lived, very fertile and rustic, perfect for grazing. Several flocks still practice transhumance today.

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