Cutting is not just a necessary practice but a gastronomic “act”, in other words, an art.

Cutting of meat

The ancient figure of the meat carver, that is the one who had the task of cutting the meat in the ancient noble banquets, held a prestigious role.

Even the cutting tools must be taken into due consideration since the optimal cut is the one carried out by an expert and skillful hand, which knows how to satisfy the “invitations” of the piece with a firm and delicate pressure and with the right tools.

To cut some particularly fine and long-matured products, the knife is still a must today.
A great personal research work is the foundation of the butcher’s work.

In our workroom only the best cuts of selected breeds are changed every day. They are obtained through the skillful gestures of an ancient craft.

A range of fresh meat, from animals raised with natural food.

We select a complete range of fresh meat, from animals raised with natural nutrition. The Le Carni selection includes beef, white meats, poultry meats.